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Smart water technologies 

FLUIDO3 Water Solutions

Impianti Trattamento Acque 


Study and design of water treatment plants, using our own modeling software, containing more than 30 years of experience in water treatment in industrial and civil fields, with CAS - MBR - SBR systems

Green Technology

Implementation of non-invasive and specially designed water treatment systems through the use of basic elements such as oxygen without the use of chemicals


Development of new treatment technologies and processes, such as The Non Thermal Plasma, Ozone, Electrocoagulation. Research and experimentation to study the effectiveness and cost of treatment.
Retro fitting implants

Fluido3 presents the new Sic.O3® system of water treatment for drinking and food use without the use of
chemicals and with low operating cost


Fluido3 is the new distributor for Italy of SiC ceramic membranes For MBR and drinking water systems

Fluido3 is the new distributor for Italy of FLDO2 oxygen producers for biological plants, aquaculture, ozonation

Modular High Efficiency Ozone Generators. FLDO3 for advanced oxidation treatments, biological plants, aquaculture, drinking water

Drinking Water Treatment

The new SiC.O3 treatment technology, combines water treatment with ozone and SiC membrane filtration.
Through this process, it is possible to disinfect water without chemicals and alteration of taste, allowing removal of algae, solids, metals, with removal of color and odor

Food Industry

The use of ozone has become increasingly important following its approval as a "GRAS - Generally Recognized as Safe" chemical additive in 1997 (Graham et al., 1997) and subsequent FDA (US) approval as an antimicrobial additive for direct food contact of all types (FDA 2001). In Italy with prot 24482 of 31.07.96 by the Ministry of Health, it is approved as a natural presidium for sterilization


The wide range of technologies are available for wastewater treatment, from biological-type treatment plants (CAS, SBR, MBR), to membrane filtration systems, to advanced oxidation plants


Ozone enables the in situ oxidation of contaminants that cannot be removed by any other technology using chemical oxidation, while maintaining sustainable costs and reduced timescales

Fish farms

Advanced submerged oxygenation solutions, process probes and automation systems.
Water filtration and treatment plants.
Biological disinfection systems

Hydrogen Peroxide

Dosing, spraying and treatment systems with highly stabilized H2O2 for water networks, process water, sterilization of plants, machinery, surfaces, tanks

Organic Nitrogen Reduction Plants

Through the innovative cold plasma treatment (NTP) system, it is possible to achieve the reduction of organic Nitrogen and Ammonia compounds

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