Smart water technologies 

FLUIDO3 Solution for water

We are designers and builders of high-tech plants for the treatment of primary, process and waste water.

Biological plants

Conventional Activated Sludge

CAS treatment plants

Biological processes that for more than a century have reproduced what occurs in nature: the purification of organic and nitrogenous substances by microorganisms

Sequential Batch Reactor

SBR treatment plants

Sequential-step biological process that allows multiple treatment steps to be carried out within the same tank at different time steps.

Operable in parallel lines for peak flow optimization and 24-hour distribution.

Bio Reactor Membranes

MBR treatment plants

The evolution of biological treatments by introducing a sludge micro- or ultra-filtration system, allowing an increase in yield and a huge reduction in the volumes used.

Ozone & NTP

Ozone reactor

O3 treatment plants

Due to the high oxidative capacity of ozone, plants capable of removing refractory COD, surfactants, pesticides, algae and bacteria, dyes and pigments, cyanides, phenols, nitrites and sulfites can be realized.

New ozone production technologies now enable results at low treatment costs

Hydrogen Peroxide

H2O2 treatment plants

Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide due to its high oxidative capacity and long persistence enables the removal of algae, bacteria, viruses, biofilms, molds, etc.

Ideal product in potable water sanitation.

Cold Plasma

NTP treatment plants

The production of cold plasma (Non Thermal Plasma) obtained by passing gas from special high-voltage generators, makes it possible to create, depending on the gas used, numerous highly reactive ionic species (Reactive Oxygen Species – ROS; Reactive Nitrogen Species – RNS) known for their strongly oxidizing and biocidal power

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