Smart water technologies 


We are designers and builders of high-tech plants for the treatment of primary, process and waste water.

Non Thermal Plasma

Non-thermal plasma (also called cold plasma) NTP is a type of plasma in which electrons are not in thermodynamic equilibrium with other species.

Generated at atmospheric pressure, it is used for chemical reactions in which collision processes involving “hot” electrons and “cold” gas molecules result in dissociation reactions and the formation of radical species.

NTP the new method of food preservation

When water is exposed to the highly reactive environment of cold plasma, the synergistic effects of useful substances in oxidizing contaminants carry out water disinfection.

Disinfectant Properties of Non-thermal Plasma

New technology for water disinfection with NTP enables the elimination of bacteria, viruses, spores and protozoa with scalable, tailor-made systems, without the need for chemicals, with extremely fast response times and minimal energy consumption.

NTP Vantaggi

  • Low operating cost and environmentally friendly compared with chemical treatment
  • No need to transport, store and handle toxic chemicals
  • No taste or odor introduced into the water
  • High capacity processing and output uniformity
  • Low energy consumption compared with UV, ozone and electrolysis methods
  • Rapid treatment process and persistence of disinfection without chemicals
  • Minimum maintenance and service requirements
  • High durability of equipment
  • No disinfection byproducts – safe for the environment and aquatic life No pressure differential in flow rates Low operating noise levels
  • Instant on/off, no warm-up time required
  • Compact design with minimal space requirements