Smart water technologies 

FLUIDO3 Air Solution

Products and interventions for biosecurity and environmental health

The proposal Fluido3 of technologies in the service of well-being and health safety, is the result of experience in the chemical-biological field with established application protocols


We use only biocidal compounds that are effective and compatible with applications in human use environments.

The products used based on Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2), do not contain added hazardous chemical substances such as Chlorine.

Such biocides are completely biodegradable, do not induce bacterial resistance and do not require rinsing after application.

Sanitization devices

Fluido3 stands out from the wide range of commercially available products for sanitization applications by means of the Smart Peroxyd, a device tested and certified in effectiveness in accredited testing and research laboratories.


Having the right device and effective product does not guarantee biosafety.

Our application protocols, the result of years of experience in the field, guarantee the best treatment efficacy. 

All the documentary part of reporting, attestation, certification,  verification analysis and assistance is an integral part of our services.


Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment

Nebulization of a solution of water and Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide, turns out to be the simplest andmost effective application for sanitizing rooms andmore effective than UV or Ozone treatments, for sanitizing against bacteria and viruses (including SATS CoV 2),.

Lo Smart peroxyd is a stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide nebulizer equipped with Smart technology to control and collect treatment data.

The system creates a dry mist composed of a few micron particles of biocide that can diffuse into environments.

Microdroplet size ensures compatibility with electronic devices, paper products, etc.


Malls, hotels, stores, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, supermarkets, etc.

Transit environments and public transportation  

Offices and workplaces

Air conditioning systems


Sanitization treatments are carried out either through our service with specialized personnel or by supplying the devices and products to carry out the interventions independently.


Stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide is effective on:

  • Bacteria
  • Viruses (such as SARS and CoV-2)
  • Fungi
  • Spores
  • Protozoa


The proper use of biosafety devices and products must always be done with awareness and training.

Training and education is provided for operators in the proper use of biosafety systems and procedures.