Smart water technologies 

FLUIDO3 Perossido d'Idrogeno

We are designers and builders of high-tech plants for the treatment of primary, process and waste water.

È un biocida efficace su:

• Batteri

• Virus (come SARS-CoV-2)

• Funghi

• Spore

• Protozoi

It is a sanitizer:

– Organic

– Economical

– Extended-spectrum of action

– Active even in the presence of organic substances (blood, urine, feces, pus)

– Handy

– Ensures speed of action and persistence over time

– Non-corrosive and non-irritating to mucous membranes and skin, in the concentrations used

– Which does not induce resistance

– Stable for dilutions and recommended times

Disinfectant properties of stabilized hydrogen peroxide

The high oxidizing power of Hydrogen Peroxide intervenes in the vital integrity of bacterial cells, fungi, protozoa and viruses by damaging cell walls and breaking down the macromolecular components that underlie.

The Ministry of Health, in Circular No. 5443 dated 02/22/2020, indicated how hydrogen peroxide, with solution (0.5%), is considered effective in the inactivation of Sars2-Cov virus.


The hydrogen peroxide molecule contains an additional oxygen atom, compared to the more stable water molecule. The bond between the two oxygen atoms,

the so-called peroxide bond, is broken when two H-O radicals are formed.

Smart peroxyd

Portable compact systems for dispensing biocide solution that can create a dry mist that diffuses into environments, sanitizing them.

The size of the micro-drops ensures their compatibility with electronic equipment, paper products, etc.

Scope of application

Widely used in agribusiness, RSAs, hospitals, water networks, for disinfection from bacteria and Viruses, Legionella treatments, biofilm and algae elimination, as well as in wastewater treatment.

Can also be used in aerosol form for sanitizing rooms.

Technical Assistance

Technical support and installation of dispensing devices in water and air.

Personal training and directions for use